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Arts and Culture

Vice: This Photo Project is Redefining What Mental Illness Looks Like

GOOD: For Many in San Francisco, Home Is Where the Polling Place Is

Profiles and Q&As

Autostraddle: These Queer Handyworkers Want to Make Your Life Easier

SELF: We Need to Talk About Loneliness Amid This Pandemic

Rochester Review, University of Rochester [originally appeared in print]

Columbia College Today, Columbia University: David Heim ’68 Turns Wood and Phrases [also appeared in print]



Scary Mommy




Scary Mommy

Corporette & CorporetteMoms

Pets and Animals

Sniff & Barkens

(585) magazine, Rochester, NY [originally appeared in print]

Animal Sheltering magazine, Humane Society of the United States [originally appeared in print]