I Sweat the Details

doughnutI have a great eye for spotting typos and other mistakes, and I see them everywhere: menus, signs, ads, books, newspapers, etc.

I keep a running mental list of my grammar, spelling, and punctuation pet peeves, such as misplaced modifiers, incorrect parallel construction, and the grocer’s apostrophe.

I am fiercely loyal to the Oxford comma. Also, Save the Subjunctive!

I’m not a big fan of the term “grammar Nazi.” What would a good substitution be? Grammar geek? Grammar goddess? Star of Battlestar Grammactica? “An abnormal and malfunctioning human”? But I digress.

I am also one of the approximately 17 people who still use the spelling “doughnut,” and I have no plans of stopping.

NOTE: Despite my strong feelings about certain grammar conventions, I’ll certainly follow clients’ style guides without complaint (or at least, without any complaints that can be heard outside of my brain).